Milk Teeth Are Here To Make Things Better
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Milk Teeth, Better

When life as we know it seems to be dissolving in front of our eyes, we turn to the things we love to ground us – and luckily, the quality of the music our favourite bands are turning out hasn’t faltered despite all the madness. Milk Teeth have been sliding singles across the table, and next week we finally get to delve in to our first full-length album since 2016’s Vile Child, and it’s definitely keeping our heads up looking forward to it.

Yesterday, Milk Teeth dropped the final single ahead of the release, and as if we needed anything else to get us hyped! Better, the first track vocalist and bassist Becky Blomfield wrote for the album, is built out of powerful riffs, moody melody lines and an absolutely unyielding set of lyrics – “I deserve better, you can’t be better” is a statement that’s hard to say, harder to hear, but Blomfield delivers it with a sensitive cocktail of anger, self-love, confidence and fear. The track is deeply personal, harshly resonant; it’s a mantra, and we’re certain it’ll be the strongest intro an album could have.

Better joins the ranks of the forward-looking, bitterly uplifting Transparent, the dizzyingly pacey, vicious Given Up, and the groaning intensity of Destroyer, settling comfortably in amongst a cohort of cuts of punk-rock gold. Blomfield’s voice – both literal and metaphorical – shines through in every second we’ve heard so far, and Milk Teeth looks to be a spectacular mission statement of incredible power.

Milk Teeth is out Fri 27th.