Meet Me @ The Altar - Hit Like A Girl
8.5Overall Score
Meet Me @ The Altar - Hit Like A Girl8.5

Meet Me @ The Altar, Hit Like A Girl
Fueled By Ramen

Pop-punk’s most astronomically rising stars have just come through with their first tune since signing to Fueled By Ramen, and it’s a shiner. With Hit Like A Girl, Meet Me @ The Altar (Flavours of 2021 favourites!) tap into a gloriously classic pop-punk sound, and bolster it up with a refreshing dose of unapologetic energy – pop-punk isn’t dead, tunes like this keep it alive!

The track opens with an unmistakeably bright stomper of a power-chord, with those wonderful guitar interjections over the top, raring to go from the very first beat. From there, it’s business as usual for MM@TA, who unleash a fast-paced, sunny singalong with heart in spades, and a delicious heaviness leaning resolutely on the punk side of pop-punk (a welcome amped-up-ness to hear when the pop side of is getting more airtime in lots of the rest of the scene!). Don’t worry though, the pop infectiousness is definitely still buzzing along in the gang vocals and soaring singalongs that pervade the tune.

True to its title, Hit Like A Girl is a call to arms for all the women that pop-punk’s sidelined up till now – with bands like MM@TA and Stand Atlantic leading the charge, it won’t be for much longer, but tracks like that are definitely rousing paving stones in the road there. Vocalist Edith Campbell’s delivery is energising and effervescent, a ball of fun and a ball of furious intent all at once, barrelling through incendiary verses into the huge bridge call of “ladies and ladies! No gentlemen!”

It’s a gigantic label debut, and a complete anthem. It’s definitely yet another reason the world can’t wait for the day MM@TA are allowed to get back out on tour, and a reason to keep your eyes firmly on them.

Hit Like A Girl is out now.