Mayday Parade - It Is What It Is
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Mayday Parade, It Is What It Is
Rise Records

Mayday Parade: the kings of the emo banger. If you didn’t spend the first half of your teens (and the second half… and your twenties if you’re in them… and the foreseeable future) blasting iconic bangers like Jamie All Over in your heavily postered bedroom, or stare longingly out a window listening to Miserable At Best or Stay, have you even lived? And Mayday Parade are one of those lovely bands that have maintained the exact vibe that made us fall in love with them long ago, creating new cuts that are as heart-wrenching as old ones, with Sunnyland and Black Lines.

And they’re back again, never disappointing, with new track It Is What It Is! Opening with a gorgeous, waltzing guitar line, it almost feels like you’re being thrown in in the middle of the track, but it sounds so comfortingly familiar that we can deal with that. Mayday Parade have nailed their sound, and It Is What It Is is the epitome of it – the chorus, underpinned by pounding drums, verses that ebb and flow like a tide of nostalgia, and Derek Sanders’ voice wrapping around our ears like a cosy blanket, giving you a safe hug whilst simultaneously shaking you around and making you want to sing along at the top of your lungs.

The song’s title is a clue as to the melancholy tone of the song (we’ve all heard the bitter Love Islanders declare ‘it is what it is’ after being pied off), and Mayday Parade take this bitterness and run with it, far. “Nobody’s looking to die when they’re happy inside” grows into “it gets worse, and it lasts” and “you’ll forever be the reason why I’m not happy”. Not the cheeriest of lyrics, but Mayday Parade’s talent has always been singing about hopeless, desolate situations and assuring you that you’re not alone. Plus, is there a sneaky If You Wanted A Song Written About You… reference when Sanders sings “I forgot to face all your pictures down”? We hope so.

And is this the start of a new album campaign for Mayday Parade? We DEFINITELY hope so.

It Is What It Is is out now.