Spring is here, but we’re keeping it gloomy… Our Band of the Month for March is none other than the aptly-named Sadness and Complete Disappointment! This deliciously grungy three-piece only released their debut single at the end of last year, but they’ve already firmly established themselves as powerhouses (and Bittersweet Flavours of 2021 faves) in the lead-up to their debut EP, paradoxically titled Fun, which is out on Friday.

Whether it’s the howling intensity of Monotony, Status’ churning melodies, or the dizzying infectiousness of latest cut Survivor’s Guilt, S&CD have noise nailed on every front. Their mesmerising combination of Esme’s bell-clear vocals and all the emotion she packs them full of, and the gorgeous tumult of the instrumentals, courtesy of Esme on drums, bassist Beka and guitarist Kit. The cocktail that constitutes Sadness & Complete Disappointment is sometimes an eerily theatrical mixture, sometimes a classic, doom-filled grunge fireball, and sometimes just an otherworldly banger – they’re only three songs in, but their sound is already instantly recognisable.

We sat down with the wonderful Esme to get to know the world of Sadness and Complete Disappointment, and she told us a little about the origin of their band name. “Sadness and Complete Disappointment isn’t about our lives or anything else, it’s about our outlook; it’s about our experience of life thus far, we’ve had so much sadness and so much disappointment and especially when it comes to wanting to be in a band. We’ve worked so hard for so long to get nowhere, you know.” Well, not anymore – Fun is just around the corner (literally, in both senses!) and S&CD are ready to take to the stage (literally… soon, we hope!).

We’ll be sharing more of our chat with Esme on The Bittersweet Hour, and our full interview is coming this week!

Fun is out this Friday.