Lynks - Silly Boy
8.5Overall Score
Lynks - Silly Boy8.5

Lynks, Silly Boy

With a penchant for the odd and a knack for a slick beat, Lynks returns with their first new music of what’s sure to be a big year – Silly Boy. It’s not a friendly start, packed with unforgiving lyricism and a lot of bite, but Lynks, as ever, packs it all into a smirking tune that’s irresistibly catchy and infinitely cool, cementing this as not the year of the Tiger, but the year of the Lynks.

Opening with a spiky synth riff and a dark kick, Silly Boy is immediately inviting, and unmistakeably pissed off. “Poor little straight boy, starting a fight… everybody here thinks he’s an arsehole,” sneers Lynks in the opening line with fizzing acidity but a liberating kind of carelessness that means this track is as much of a party as it is rage-fuelled. A tirade against the titular ‘silly little boy’, Lynks rolls out some fierce takedowns nestled away inside a darkly sexy bop that plants us firmly in Lynks’s big-bad-bitch mindset. Midnight arty synth flourishes punctuate the track’s fabric like stiletto nails, whilst the prickly percussion keeps it churning through.

It’s a forceful, delicious beginning to Lynks’s year, which is barrelling towards a massive headline tour at maximum pace. Silly Boy on its own would be enough to get most on their feet going wild, but Lynks’s back catalogue is already saturated with anthems in the same vein from their aptly titled selection of ‘Smash Hits’ to the Frank Carter-helmed Go Get A Tattoo. And their live show is as wild and captivating as their music, bringing together drag and punk in one unmissable performance.

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