Lonely The Brave - Keeper
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Lonely The Brave - Keeper8.5

Lonely The Brave, The Keeper
Easy Life Records

Lonely The Brave know how to tease an album. Their final single ahead of the release of The Hope List is as powerful as they come. Keeper is immense, somehow calming, moody, uplifting, and cathartic all at once – and if we know Lonely The Brave, then that’ll sum up the album too. It was the first song they wrote for the record, the catalyst of The Hope List, and it’s an anthem for us to barrel towards the long-awaited release date with.

Keeper is built around melancholic riffs and calamitous builds, a centre-point of all the expanse that Lonely The Brave have traversed in their singles so far, culminating in a glorious chorus yelling out “she’s my keeper!” The reflective verses, complete with raindrop guitar interjections and lighter texture, are the other side of the coin to the bubbling, overwhelmed joy of the chorus, and Lonely The Brave throw in a third facet in the liquid soundscapes of the bridge. Keeper is an epic in three and a half minutes.

Keeper isn’t just a song either – it comes with a mini documentary as well, because why do a music video when instead you could commemorate an album recorded in such testing conditions? With the swell of Keeper in the background, and suitably moody shots of the band members strolling along beaches and bleak scenery, it’s difficult not to find yourself getting emotional as Lonely The Brave document the journey to The Hope List. It’s out next Friday, and we need it more than ever.

The Hope List is out January 22nd.