Lighten Up Kid! New Mayday Parade EP!
8.4Overall Score

Mayday Parade, Lighten Up Kid
Rise Records

Can Mayday Parade ever put a foot wrong? Latest release Lighten Up Kid joins their whole back catalogue to say, no they can’t. A hearty helping of pop-punk goodness that’s the sonic equivalent of a big warm hug, with the perfect level of emotion and raucous singalong-ability, LUK is quintessential Mayday Parade with the energy dial turned up.

Following the trajectory set in March by It Is What It Is, Mayday Parade are amping up the pop-punk side of their emo sound with riffs galore and a churning beat. This is classic 2010s, and it feels both delightfully familiar and gloriously nostalgic, and is more than a crowd-pleaser – it’s a future fan favourite.

Derek Sanders’ voice is the linchpin of Mayday Parade’s appeal, from his “I had a dream last night…” days all the way up to the wonderfully unrelenting flow of Lighten Up Kid. It’s anthemic to a T, the explosive prechorus building into the addictive “you’re in my head”s; Lighten Up Kid is an emo-pop-punk song with the magnitude to enthrall immense crowds.

Lighten Up Kid is guaranteed to please Mayday Parade’s staunch fanbase, and what’s even more pleasing is that it comes with news of an upcoming EP – Out Of Here is out on October 16th. Lighten Up Kid proves that Mayday Parade’s knack for writing bangers has never faltered once, so we’re in for a treat.

Out Of Here is out October 16th.