Less Than Jake - Anytime and Anywhere
8.8Overall Score

Less Than Jake, Anytime and Anywhere
Pure Noise Records

Less Than Jake are truly the embodiment of feel-good ska-punk – with the trill of a saxophone and burst of trombone, it’s impossible not to be immediately charmed by these ska legends. New single Anytime and Anywhere is no different; with a message to appreciate even the smallest of moments, Less Than Jake are here to boost your serotonin levels yet again. The single is taken off of upcoming December release, Silver Linings, and it’s looking like it’s shaping up to be another absolute classic.

Anytime and Anywhere’s sound mirrors its message entirely; that bouncy, no-holds-barred rhythm immediately bursts into your eardrums, not wasting any time whatsoever setting a positive tone. The combination of wind instruments and a girth-y bassline is a tried-and-tested formula for success, impossibly infectious. Playful lyrics and a vigorous enthusiasm only heighten this infectious energy, making this sunshine-y track impossible resist. It’s easy-breezy, a carefree whirlwind that entirely sucks you in for a 2 glorious minutes.

This is a single that really makes the loss of shows sting – there’s nothing quite as glorious as swinging yourself round a crowd with some cheery ska blaring out over the crowd. We can only suggest that you crank this single out in your living room and have a sorrowful skank in mourning… before allowing the stupidly fun energy of the track take hold of you, of course! With the darkening evenings as it gets colder, a new Less Than Jake album is the perfect burst of colour to soften the blues. Silver Linings – we need you more than ever! The 11th can’t come sooner!

Silver Linings is out 11th December.