Lande Hekt - 80 Days Of Rain
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Lance Hekt, 80 Days Of Rain
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The second single ahead of Lande Hekt’s debut album has arrived, and it couldn’t be more perfect for a first album that chronicles becoming oneself. It’s a quintessential coming-of-age tune, resplendent in its storytelling, accompanied with fuzzy riffs and reflective, open-hearted vocals that characterise Hekt whether she’s on her own or in Muncie Girls.

Hekt’s voice is gentle enough to capture youthful melancholia without losing any catchiness. Lyrical gems range from “did you fall asleep just to show me that I could be this lonely?” to “is this just another week where we don’t fuck?”, covering the entire spectrum of teenage (or early 20s) angst in apt simplicity.

80 Days Of Rain captures everything that makes anti-love songs so addictive: it’s got an upbeat sound, but just enough pessimism that you can revel in it deliciously for just as long as you need to. There’s not a cliché in sight, though, as Hekt chooses instead to err on the unnerving side with lyrics about “all your favourite animals dying”, dipping into the gothic to subtle, but heart-rending, effect.

On 80 Days Of Rain, she feels laidback all the way through, but the slightly stripped texture in the verses mean that the kick of the choruses’ gentle-punk feels like a warm hug from someone who just gets it. It’s a different breed of anthem to previous single Whiskey – equally vulnerable, with equal promise that Hekt’s story is going to be a dream to listen to.

Going To Hell is out January 22nd.