Kid Brunswick - Bipolar Rhapsody
7.8Overall Score

Kid Brunswick, Bipolar Rhapsody
Island Records

If ever there were a song to nod to the epic Bohemian Rhapsody in its title, it’s this one. Kid Brunswick’s own magnum opus so far, Bipolar Rhapsody is a fluctuating expanse of sound that swells in a slow-burn build before kicking into intensity. As intoxicating a genre-blend as Kid Brunswick’s ever made, he brings together all the facets of his diamond-sharp discography for an all-encompassing invitation to join the hype.

Bipolar Rhapsody is about as close to ambient as it’s possible for jagged electro-rock to get, complete with piercing vocals that dissipating into surprise choral moments, moments of pause in an otherwise high-octane high-production tune. All the styles Kid Brunswick cycles through are pitched to perfection, whether it’s savage attitude or moody reflection.

The cross-genre capacity in the rock world right now is immense, and Kid Brunswick flawlessly, effortlessly matches the frontrunners. There’s flashes reminiscent of scrappy king Yungblud, instrumental gravity that an amo Bring Me The Horizon (or, indeed, a POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR Bring Me) would easily pull off – if this is where rock is headed, Kid Brunswick is firmly along for the ride. And if he keeps putting out tunes as addictive as Bipolar Rhapsody, so are we.

Bipolar Rhapsody is out now.