Kicking Up A Stink!
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Stinky, Distance
M-Theory Audio

What’s that smell? Why, it’s melodic hardcore quintet Stinky, of course! These French punks have released yet another single from upcoming album Of Lost Things, out 12th June, and it’s just the boost we need at the moment. Distance is an absolute anthem — it’s thriving with energy, paired with a video of brilliant live performances that only heightens this energetic feel.

Distance is perhaps the most exciting track released off of Of Lost Things so far, and that’s saying something. The track greets you with raw guitars and a steady kick-drum, a combination that floods your chest with excitement. By the time Claire Bousigue’s vocals join the track, growling ‘I can feel your presence’, the track is in full swing, sweeping you off along with it. The gang vocals yelling along ‘never let the distance in between us!’ have you gagging to be at a show, a feeling that is made even stronger by the raucously fun energy of the single’s live compilation music video.

Our only complaint is that the track seems to end too soon – but, luckily, Strangers with Familiar Faces is already out as a single, so the tension is easily eased by popping this track on straight after Distance finishes… and WOW. Bousigue’s growls BURST out at you, raw and guttural in a way that is absolutely delicious. The song is considerably slower than Distance, but packs even more of a punch. And, If a quick tempo is what you’re looking for, single Revival Fire happily joins a SPEEDY, circle-pit worthy tempo with equally as guttural screaming. These French punks treat us too well!!

Of Lost Things is shaping up to be quite the hardcore album! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for 12th June. Génial! Très chaud!!

Pre-order Of Lost Things here. Out 12th June.