Kat Meoz - Back For More
8Overall Score

Kat Meoz, Back For More

In the mood to hear something new? Kat Meoz is here with the freshest of ear-assaults – and we mean that in the best way. Back For More is a hypnotic blend of pop, theatrics, and grinding heavy electro, and it’s as an addictive mix as the name suggests.

Despite how dense it feels during the explosive chorus, Back For More is actually pretty stripped back all the way through – Meoz’s expert handling of her instruments means that with just a couple of layers, she’s created a hugely expansive sound. The track’s intro could easily be on an Ibiza club tune, but effortlessly cool sparse drums, and her magnetic, attitude-laden vocal delivery assures you that this is no simple pop song.

The dark popstar is embodied in huge names like Billie Eilish, but Kat Meoz is here to rival the best of them. Eerie moments of silence nestle amongst the oh-so-sharp production, while at other times crisp synths saw through soaring vocalisations. With the singalong appeal of You Me At Six’s recent releases but the grit and intensity of Royal Blood, Back For More truly is greater than the sum of all its parts.

Meoz’s latest release might be a one-off, but she’s definitely got us listening. We’re already on the edge of our seat for the next helping of self-assured, subtle-yet-stadium-sized dark pop… safe to say we’ll definitely be coming Back For More.

Back For More is out now.

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