Jungle - Strange Bones
8.5Overall Score
Jungle - Strange Bones8.5

Strange Bones, Jungle
FKRST Records

As we draw ever-closer to their August debut, Strange Bones are amping up the heat. Delivering slick, electronified bangers, Strange Bones are redefining what it is to be punk; by refusing to stick to the classic ‘punk’ sound, these guys are able to knock out bangers that are club and moshpit ready in equal measures. Latest single Jungle is feverish, fusing a punk’n’bass energy with adrenaline-junkie synths in a way that will excite even the most classic of punk fans.

Jungle is electrifying; with it’s distorted vocals and fuzzy hectic drums, this is punk with a spark, punk that is fizzling with an unruly energy. The track also embraces a jungle-esque drive, with it’s pulsating bassline and spacey, echoey backdrop. The result is like a mix of Enter Shikari meets Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – and it’s fucking fabulous.

Most impressively, the track feels seamless – every element bleeds together gorgeously. Strange Bones have fine-tuned their sound to perfection, able to capture the raw energy of a live-performance while still sounding polished. That ability to capture a live feeling only heightens the excitement for their tours with Calva Louise and Trash Boat – imagining the crowd response already has our hearts racing.

August release England Screams is shaping up to be one hell of an album – and an unpredictable one at that. With previous singles Deathwish and England Screams both embracing more classic punk sounds, whose to say what the end product will be. Selfishly, we hope some more of this jungle-infused punk is involved. These guy are re-igniting the ferocity of punk, and we’re so ready for it.

England Screams is out 20/08. Pre-order here.