It’s happening. Our beloved rock scene is getting together for the first time in a year and a half, and it’s never looked better. The Download Pilot needs no introduction, and we know no one needs any more reasons to be excited about it, but we thought we’d stoke the fire anyway. With a lineup entirely consisting of the freshest, most wonderful British bands making noise right now, there’s something that feels utterly vital about what we’ve got going on here – it might just be the biggest moment of the year, let alone the month, so in lieu of a BOTM for June, it’s all about Download. Let’s dig in.

Headliners. Does it get greater than this? The biggest names on the lineup are RENOWNED for the quality of their live shows – Enter Shikari, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Bullet For My Valentine, Neck Deep, While She Sleeps, Creeper – all synonymous with every type of electrifying concert experience the scene has to offer. If you want mosh-pit promise, it’s there. If you want theatre and drama, it’s there. If you want to be thrown around, screaming along to your favourite, soul-touching bangers, it WILL HAPPEN! The Download Pilot feels like not only retribution for the crowning jewel of the UK’s rock festival selection having had to move twice, but also for all those headliners. Last year saw a whole load of stunning records – Enter Shikari’s NITAEIP, Creeper’s SD&TIV, Neck Deep’s ADAI among many others – and we’ve not had a chance to see them live yet, so why not do it ALL AT ONCE?

Alongside the top talent the UK has to offer right now, Download are highlighting the scene’s freshest, fastest rising stars. While the year off has taken a painful, painful toll, it’s also seen numerous small bands burst through against all odds, and they’re all the fiercer for it. Death Blooms, Lotus Eater, Wargasm, Higher Power, Static Dress, Saint Agnes, among many many many more Bittersweet faves will be taking to the stage to define the direction the post-pandemic rock music landscape takes, and we’ve got to say. It’s looking bloody excellent.

The Download Pilot is a microcosm of everything beautiful, wild and brilliant about the UK’s scene, and it’s going to be nothing short of exceptional to be part of. For more info on the festival, catch our very special broadcast takeover tomorrow on The Bittersweet Hour.

For info about tickets, conditions of attendance, and all the questions you could possibly have, visit the website here.