Band of the Month is a time for celebration – but right now is not a time for celebration. The #BlackOutTuesday movement is not calling for a day of silence, it’s calling for a day of action and focus on what matters.

Click here to donate to Black Lives Matter, and here to find out more information about the movement.

Click here for a non-exhaustive list of petitions to sign.

Click here for a non-exhaustive selection of donations to protesters, victims, black owned businesses, and more.

Click here for more information and resources.

Follow the lead of so many of the artists we celebrate: Enter Shikari and Stray From The Path both have shirts on sale with all proceeds going to Reclaim The Block, Black Visions Collective and Southern Poverty Law Centre.

But don’t just wear your protest on your sleeve – educate yourself, keep educating yourself, keep talking, keep shouting, keep acting.