When we say Willow Smith, we wouldn’t blame you for immediately thinking of pop. Over the past 10 years, Willow has built an image for herself — an image of poppy R&B with powerhouse vocals. But that’s all changing now; swapping out hair whips for head bangs, Willow is morphing into a pop-punk superstar before our very eyes. It takes a brave soul to entirely transform one’s entire image, and this is exactly why Willow just has to be our ‘Band’ of the Month.

With a fresh album lately I feel EVERYTHING out on the 15th, Willow has already teased tastebuds with what to expect — and that is the unexpected. Travis Barker feature t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l absolutely blew us away, ram-packed with a bold pop-punk fierceness that was entirely unexpected from the singer. Latest single Lipstick continues to blow us out of the water, emphasising the remarkable, dreamy vulnerability that Willow has to sprinkle over juxtaposingly heavy riffs.

Willow’s appeal lies in this ability to meld together the sounds of her past and present. In many ways, it could be argued that this new era was always in the singer’s blood — with her mother’s rocky roots, fronting heavy metal outfit Wicked Wisdom, it was only a matter of time before Willow delved into the world of rock herself. And boy are we glad: it truly feels like Willow was born to sound like this. We can’t wait to experience the journey this new album is set to take us on!

lately I feel EVERYTHING is out 15/07.