Jordan Red - Hands That Built The World
8.4Overall Score

Jordan Red, Hands That Built The World

Alt-Metal unit Jordan Red are back with yet another gloriously anthemic single! Despite only having three tracks under their belt, the duo’s sound speaks for itself – Beautiful Monsters and Don’t Let The Heavens Fall blew us away, and it seems like the debut’s title-track is no different. Hands That Build The World builds upon what we have come to expect from Jordan Red, presenting us with a clean, sharp and brilliantly emotive song about survival in the face of powerlessness. As their debut album slowly takes form, it seems like the 2021 release is set to be an absolute scorcher!

Hands That Built The World is deeply poignant, lyrically tackling themes of oppression, depression and injustice. Dan Leigh’s passionate vocals hit out at those in power who treat humankind as a disposable resource; Leigh questions why we are the ones sent to war, and mourns the fact that we have become the ‘face of suicide’ due to the pressures from above.

The theme of feeling powerless explains the duo’s decision to dedicate this track to raising awareness and fundraising for the HeartSupport – an online community, founded by Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, aiming to support those struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. The track’s underlying desire to fight back also reflects the aims of HeartSupport – we aren’t intended to focus on the negatives of the song, but to find strength within ourselves and each other. The choruses are a burst of hope, with an empowering and viciously uplifting sound – ‘Are we nothing?’, Leigh questions, before powerfully asserting that ‘we weren’t born to surrender!’.

Jordan Red have cracked out another solid, call-to-arms-esque track that sounds HUGE. We’re gutted we can’t scream along to it in a sweaty venue anytime soon – with tracks this solid, it’s a bit of a cruel tease! Regardless, we are loving the sound of these guys’ debut thus far – 2021 is sure to be a treat for any metal fans out there!

Donate to HeartSupport here. Pre-save Hands That Build The World here