If Creeper Are Going To Hell, Then So Are We
9.6Overall Score

Creeper, Annabelle
Roadrunner Records

Creeper frontman, vocalist and general glam-goth extraordinaire Will Gould has had a few people feeling apprehensive after saying he’s not felt in the mood to write tracks that throw you around as hard as the likes of Poison Pens and The Honeymoon Suite lately. But latest track Annabelle has smashed any apprehensions to pieces, and made us all the more excited for the brilliantly-titled upcoming record Sex, Death and The Infinite Void.

Creeper are a theatric band, and drama remains dominant. Annabelle is the latest in their collection of characters, joining the ranks of Madeleine, Suzanne, and Mary, and Creeper’s ode to their descent into hell is tongue-in-cheek (“commiserations to your mum and dad”), and anthemic (the roaring refrain “GOD CAN’T SAVE US, so LET’S LIVE LIKE SINNERS!).

What Creeper do that makes the track such a banger, though, is weave their theatricality together with riffs that don’t shy away from sounding as rough and amazingly chaotic as Misfits-style American OG punk – they’ve got the breadth of musical influence to write a track that’s so jam-packed with energy and conceptually interesting that you’ll have to listen to it on repeat just to get your head around it!

You won’t have to listen to it on repeat to love it though – two bars in and you’ll be there. Annabelle, and prior release Born Cold, have us on tenterhooks – and we’re certain that Sex, Death, and The Infinite Void is going to take what Creeper did on Eternity (In Your Arms) and fling it to new heights (or down to hell, as the case may be!). And if you want to travel into the underworld with them, you’re oh so in luck – they’ve just put tickets on sale for a tour that’s guaranteed to blow you away, so be quick and grab some.

Sex, Death and the Infinite Void is out May 22, and tickets for Creeper’s tour are available here.