IDLES - Mr. Motivator
8.8Overall Score

IDLES, Mr. Motivator
Partisan Records

Feeling a little low? Well, it seems like you need a visit from Mr. Motivator. Encapsulating all the infectious energy of the 90s unitard-wearing icon, IDLES new single is riotous call to ‘seize the day’. With its riotous post-punk drive, Mr. Motivator may just be the kick up the ass we all need right now.

IDLES’ sound is pretty iconic; Joe Talbot’s gloriously brutal vocal delivery, paired with fiercely layered guitars, make for a winning combination. Mr. Motivator is no different, brilliantly tapping into everything we love so much about these guys. The track’s energy is also truly British, filling the listener with motivation the only way possible: with a gruelling beat and just… taking the piss. It can be enraging and kind of cringe-y to be told to ‘seize the day’, especially when you’re British, so avoiding sickly-sweet ‘cliches’ is necessary. There’s something absolutely brilliant about hearing Talbot yelling about ‘Conor McGregor with a samurai sword on rollerblades’ or ‘Delia Smith after ten chardonnays making me a nice cookie’. It’s parodically nonsensical, yet somehow fills our stomachs with fire – hell yeah! I AM Joe Cal-fucking-zaghe! Nobody can stop me!

The video only adds to this British motivational energy, showcasing fans exercising in ridiculous outfits. Again, it treads that line between seriously motivating the listener and outright taking the piss. Fuelled by our collective anger at the ‘pricks’ of the world (looking at you, BoJo impersonator), we can find the motivation to keep powering through these rough times.

Mr. Motivator is a top notch, upbeat IDLES tune. If you’re looking for a new track to fuel you with fiery motivation on your daily run, we promise this track will have you steaming ahead. You can do it! Yes you can!!