iDKHow - Leave Me Alone
9.2Overall Score

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Leave Me Alone
Fearless Records

I don’t know how, but they’ve bloody done it again – with a funky new single and album set for release in October, our favourite 80s-inspired musical duo are back and better than ever. Leave Me Alone is an absolute show-stopper, embodying all that I Don’t Know How But They Found Me are. This discotheque-pop-rock banger is sure to charm the socks off of you, guaranteed.

As soon as Leave Me Alone starts, it’s like being greeted by an old friend. There is an immediate sense of nostalgia embedded within the track, harking back to synth-pop and new wave of the 80s, tinged with a glorious edge of funk; the track both embraces the past and builds upon it, forging a uniquely nostalgic-futuristic fusion. It’s a reminder of what made 2018’s 1981 Extended Play so magnificent – it’s like listening to Nile Rodgers infiltrating a Depeche Mode cover band and sneaking in a few tweaks here and there. The overall sound is both recycled and totally fresh – and impossible to dislike.

Dallon Weekes’ voice truly ties the whole creation together; Weekes’ signature vocals truly feel timeless, allowing that strange, liminal state of being both vintage and contemporary. Not to mention the fact that Weekes’ voice absolutely oozes class – just listen to those vocal chords shimmer during the chorus… smooth. as. butter.

With a single like this, it’s fair to say that iDKHow’s October debut Razzmatazz is going to be pretty special. Our favourite ‘80s’ band just can’t let us down!

Pre-order Razzmatazz here. Our 16th October.