Hollow Front - Loose Threads (Reimagined)
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Hollow Front, Loose Threads (Reimagined)

With a re-release of Loose Threads on the horizon, Hollow Front are here to prove they’re more than just a pretty face. The metalcore outfit’s debut was fierce and gruelling, but that’s not the only sound they can muster. The February re-issue is set to feature two new tracks: a delightfully heavy track entitled Wearing Thin, as well as a re-imagined rendition of title-track Loose Threads. Loose Threads (Reimagined) is a true sign of Hollow Front’s musical talents; often a fast tempo and heavy instrumentals can be enough for a metalcore unit to thrive, so it takes a brave band to release a stripped back, vulnerable track like this. And, we must say – the guys have absolutely nailed it.

The original version of Loose Threads hinted at another side to Hollow Front; floating choruses highlighted a talent for lighter sounds, contrasting with gritty verses. Loose Threads (Reimagined) builds upon this, eradicating all heavy instrumentals from the track in exchange for a raw, acoustic soundscape. The result is a reflective, deeply effecting single that feels gentle and poignant, and it’s pretty lovely.

A real strength of this re-imagined track is Tyler Tate’s singing. While we all know and love Tate’s unclean vocals, there’s a beautiful voice there even when he’s not growling. While the track does also have some of those classic uncleans, Tate’s vulnerable singing, paired with a delicate instrumental backing, is something special.

Hollow Front are really flexing their artistic flexibility here, and we’re definitely impressed. If you’ve not grabbed a copy of their debut (or even if you have…), definitely get your hands on Loose Thread’s re-release this Feb!

Loose Threads’ re-issue is out 25th Feb. Pre-order here.