Headway - Premiering Youth
8.4Overall Score

Headway, Youth

“It’s probably best described as your classic upbeat, head-banging, pop punk tune with wailing guitar riffs and thought-provoking lyrics.” That’s how Headway describe their brand-new track Youth, and as promises go, it’s safe to say they definitely meet those expectations. Youth is a total, mosh-pit-inspiring, catharsis-creating banger, everything you’d want from it delivered with no shortage of energy and joy. Check out their brand new video – energy and joy definitely abound.

An anthem to the mixed bag that is growing up, Youth tackles the fear and confusion that comes as a package deal with getting older, but they perk it up with swathes of classic pop-punk optimism too. Growing up might be terrifying, but it’s worth sticking it out and being patient: “we’ll find ourselves along the way, growing any faster ends in disaster”. Tim Lindsay and David Armiento’s dual vocal delivery creates that authentic, lighthearted vibe that pop-punk is famed for; the track feels like a conversation you could almost be part of.

It’s no secret that Headway are big Neck Deep fans (as are we), and the track’s got a delightfully nostalgic-ND feel about it – from the immense singalong vocal line to the narrative arc of the song and the hype-building breakdown towards the end, it could sit comfortably on Rain In July. Neck Deep aren’t the only vibes that Headway are reminiscent of – from our star-studded scene, the tumbling guitar lines have a distinctly Nervus feel about them, and the pulsing drums could even sit under a Fall Out Boy track.

So the search for your new favourite pop-punk band can come to a halt for now – surely it’s got to be Headway.

Youth is out now.