Happy. - Sick is the New Sane
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Happy., Sick Is The New Sane
Rude Records

Something about pop-rock gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Here at Bittersweet we love the genre – Waterparks’ brand of bubblegum pop-punk is our bread and butter, anything with a good beat, chirpy guitar chords and a chorus you can sing along with at the top of your voice is essential listening in our book. Columbia’s Happy. have been so kind as to sum up everything we love about pop-rock on brand new track Sick is the New Sane.

It’s practically a box ticking exercise on how to write a banger – instant gratification kicking in with an isolated vocal and a guitar riff that is literally uplifting. The swirly, sparkly bridges and punchy interludes add yet more glowing, glorious dimensions to the tune – it’s got everything you could want from it on every level. It’s catchy, sunny, pop-rock gold.

It features all the calling cards of a pop-rock anthem, but by no means is Sick is the New Sane generic. Tate Logan’s vocals are as inviting as a warm blanket or a summer car ride, but choice phrases like “so wrap your hands around my throat, say you’ll never let me go” keep the track as bitter as it is sweet, whilst guaranteeing you’ll be shouting them along by the second time they come around.

Happy. really do live up to their name on Sick is the New Sane – it is happy through and through – the subject matter might not be 100% optimistic, but Happy. can’t help themselves from delivering it in the most upbeat way possible. They’re spreading the good vibes in more ways than one, as well – the proceeds from SITNS will be going to Campaign Zero and the Black Emotional and Mental Health collective.

Sick Is The New Sane is out now.

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