Ahhh… Valentines Day. Possibly the most bittersweet day of the year – sweet for those who are cosily coupled up, and bitter for the rest of us! Whatever your situation, we’ve put together a handy rock-centred guide to the tunes that might get you through this Bittersweet holiday.

For when you wish you could win back the love of your life from your youth:

Just Right – Grayscale

For when you’re so happy you want to take it to the next level of commitment:

I Love You, Will You Marry Me – Yungblud

For when you wish your one-night romance could have been something more:

Don’t You Go – All Time Low

For when you just want to hype up your girl:

She’s A God – Neck Deep

For when getting over your breakup is harder than you thought it would be:

Strangers Again – Against The Current

For when you’re totally smitten and domestic:

Lucky People – Waterparks

For when you don’t know what you’re feeling, but you know it’s strong:

Mother tongue – Bring Me The Horizon

For when you’re… both going to hell:

Annabelle – Creeper

When you’ve got a good thing and you mess it up a bit:

Called You Twice – Fidlar ft K. Flay

When loving someone is giving you your much-needed clarity:

Fog – The Regrettes

Here’s a handy link to all these lovely bangers and more to soundtrack your v-day.