Happy. - A Cure for Wellness
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Happy., A Cure for Wellness
Rude Records

Happy. are back again! After their gloriously infectious single Sick is the New Sane, we had high hopes – and they have definitely been met! A Cure for Wellness tackles the nauseating theme of addiction, filtered through Happy.’s shimmering emo pop-rock sound – and the result is bright, hopeful and brilliantly catchy. The single came with the announcement of a new album this October, and, if the past singles are anything to go by, it looks like Imposter Syndrome is going to be one hell of an album.

A Cure for Wellness blends anxious lyrics with a juxtaposingly magical sound. As Tate Logan’s charming vocals sing ‘scared to death of something that’s just slightly out of reach’, the pop-rock beat protects you from the underlying sense of melancholy. The effect compliments the theme of sorrow in the face of someone else’s addiction; the bright, breezy guitars and steady drumbeat sweep you away, a naive-yet-hopeful plea for the person in question to heal.

The hypnotically light feeling of the track is very much like Sick is the New Sane – but there is a definite, more serious undertone woven throughout A Cure for Wellness. Where Sick is the New Sane oozed bubblegum-pop-punk and synths, A Cure for Wellness veers more on the side of insightful pop-rock. The ability to tackle both tones, but still sprinkle an element of hope even on a more serious track, shows a true level of maturity from the trio.

Whatever the lyrical theme, it seems like Happy. truly do have the ability to make anything sound… well… ‘happy’. There is an element of hope within every track they pen, and that sensation is reflected gorgeously by their unique, distinguished sound. October can’t come soon enough – Imposter Syndrome already feels like it’s going to be a classic!

Pre-order Imposter Syndrome here. Out 30th October.