grandson - We Did It!!!
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Grandson, We Did It!!!
Fueled By Ramen

grandson’s latest single ahead of his debut album is sobering in the wake of the US election. It feels as if it could have been penned and put together in the last two weeks, throwing together fiercely ironic lyrics about those in power getting away with the destruction they leave behind once they leave power. It’d be a harsh follow-up to his Text Voter series, but given that grandson’s debut is out next month, it seems unlikely that it was made so recently. However, We Did It!!! could equally be a rallying cry to anyone who feels the keen activism spawned by 2020 faltering. We Did It!!! is actually a devastating condemnation of anyone who thinks we have, in fact, done it – the battle is won, but grandson is preparing for the war.

For its groovy beginning, We Did It!!! doesn’t take long to kick in with ferocity. Though the whole track leans into a DnB explosiveness, grandson teases us, laughing over the kind of bassline that you just KNOW would precede a writhing mosh-pit at a rock show. Hissing electronic tones and fuzzy drum kicks underpin grandson’s pacing tirades, but We Did It!!!’s anger and urgency is captured justs as vividly in the jagged drum’n’bass breaks. grandson’s thrown together just under three minutes of short, sharp chaos; the track gesticulates in disbelief and howls its satire.

We Did It!!! could be written in response to those celebrating the election result whilst resolving that this is the end of their involvement in politics; it could be aimed at those who posted a black square in June for Black Lives Matter but haven’t done anything since; or it could be aimed at anyone complacent in the face of the daily injustices that 2020 continues to throw at us. Whoever grandson is aiming at right now, he’s created a musical weapon that’s not holding back. We Did It!!! joins the relentless Dirty, Riptide, and Identity on the tracklist of December’s Death of an Optimist, and it definitely ups the ante.

Death of an Optimist is out December 4th.