Gin Wigmore - Feels Like Me
7.8Overall Score

Gin Wigmore, Feels Like Me
333 Wreckords Crew

Feeling sunny? Perhaps not. But despite the drizzly skies, Gin Wigmore’s new tunes is guaranteed to get you beaming – 333 Wreckords Crew have never let us down before, and while Feels Like Me is a little lighter than their usual fare, it’s an absolute ball of fun that’ll have you wanting to smile as hard as you’ve ever moshed.

A breezy piano instrumental, persistently cheery melody line, brass interjections – this could be a Broadway opening number on a stage abundant with rainbows, sparkles, and big grins. That’s certainly how it makes you feel, flourishing and upbeat to the max. It builds from simple, perky beginnings to a vibrant explosion of a tune, so light it feels like floating.

Wigmore’s back catalogue typically verges on the darker, more brooding side of rock, but she suits bubblegum just as much. Her voice, where it delivers rasping intensity so well so often, positively glows – but with a little touch of edge that keeps the walking-on-sunshine vibe of the track from feeling preachy. It’s hard to pull off lyrics like “it’s nice to see the world smiling back at me” without sounding trite but Wigmore nails it – we’re all smiling back right now!

If we couldn’t fall any more in love with this track, Wigmore’s current series of tracks are each represented by a different endangered animal, and this time it’s Asian Elephants. The track itself sponsors an elephant named Chhouk, and between the good cause and the uplift of Feels Like Me, we’ve never felt more warm and fuzzy inside.

Feels Like Me is out now.