GHLOW - Not Fit For This
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GHLOW - Not Fit For This9

GHLOW, Not Fit For This

With their thrumming soundscapes and floating vocals, Swedish-Russian duo GHLOW are the embodiment of gritty, ethereal electropunk. Not Fit For This is the duo’s latest release off of upcoming April debut Slash and Burn, and it’s an enchanting, mind-melting delight.

Not Fit For This is layered to perfection; GHLOW are somehow able to balance utter chaos with a sense of perfect order. Emille de Blanche’s hypnotic vocals soften the heavy churn of echoing guitars, slowly drawing you into GHLOW’s musical realm. The track’s intoxicating feel is also deeply nostalgic, rooted within a Placebo-esque 90s soundscape.

The track’s transcendental nature is further emphasised by its lyrical content, calling for the destruction of the past in order to sprout something new. Political undertones are present, and the slowly growing crescendo of guitars and calls of “not fit for this!” really pack a punch.

The track is set to be the opener of the duo’s debut, and we must say it’s a solid choice. GHLOW’s gradual, prowling song structures hint at a band far more mature than their upcoming ‘debut’ may suggest. Slash and Burn may be a ‘debut’ in essence, but the minds behind this album are clearly not new to the game. This duo make pure magic, and we can’t wait to hear what else the electropunks have to offer.

Slash and Burn is out 2nd April. Pre-order here.