Frank Iero And The Future Violence - Sewerwolf
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Frank Iero And The Future Violence - Sewerwolf8

Frank Iero and the Future Violence, Sewerwolf

After announcing their upcoming EP Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place last month with a subtle, haunting rendition of R.E.M’s Losing My Religion, Frank Iero and the Future Violence are pivoting to the other side of their sound. Latest release Sewerwolf is a sprawling, stomping grunge-rock statement that proves FIATV have got howl in them yet.

Sewerwolf slows it down – not compared to Losing My Religion, but certainly compared to the frenetic riffs of Barriers and the urgency of Iero’s earlier work. Languidly swaggering guitar lines punctuate the intensity of the vocals. The whole instrumental is a crashing and erupting beast that works as a total unit; it’s easy to see that this is a team that work seamlessly together as every grinding aspect hisses and screams in sync.

Lyrically, Iero’s always been a heavy hitter. His pain, his heartache, his fear have all been laid bare for us to take in, and Sewerwolf is no different. This time around, though, he really delves into the jagged poetics of his darker side, as seen on choice Death Spells cuts. Pierced with dramatic lines all the way through, Iero’s packed Sewerwolf with knife-sharp images of grit, rage, and power.
Barriers wasn’t for the faint-hearted, and Sewerwolf promises that Heaven Is A Place isn’t going to be either. FIATV run as emotionally and sonically deep as it’s possible to go, and Sewerwolf absolutely compels you to dive right in.

Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place is out January 15th 2021.