For You The Moon - Lost Without It
7.6Overall Score

For You The Moon, Lost Without It
Slam Dunk Records

Hot off the press – Slam Dunk Records’ fresh blood are here to bless your ears with their charming debut! Newly signed quartet For You The Moon deliver a top-notch performance on Lost Without It; with a sprinkling of breezy guitars and a pop-rock sheen, this is a solid label debut. Taken off of their upcoming 2021 EP, Lost Without It definitely sets the bar high!

There’s an immediate, charming familiarity about this single; the instrumental backbone feels incredibly nostalgic, harking back to classic pop/alt-rock, winning you over in seconds. The soundscape almost feels like one We Are The In Crowd could have inhabited, but far more laid-back and introspective – this is a track that doesn’t need a quick tempo to win you over.

Lost Without It’s introspection is beautifully conveyed by vocalist Isaac Cooter – it definitely has the potential to become a new pop-rock staple. Cooter’s vocals are emotive without even trying, gentle and layered in a way that enhances the enchanting atmosphere of the track. As he sings of wasted youth, you can’t help but feel that longing within yourself, entirely swept away in the track’s aura.

It’s fair to say that For You The Moon have made their mark – this chilled single has definitely made us eager to hear what else is in store! That 2021 debut can’t come soon enough!