Floorboards - One For Sorrow & Low
9Overall Score

Floorboards, One For Sorrow & Low

If you’re looking for some new emo content to start off your week, Floorboards are here to grab you by the throat and force you to to feel something. New EP, featuring One For Sorrow as well as the infectiously catchy Low, feels like a blast from the past, whilst still feeling fresh and uniquely raw.

Though still quite a fresh face on the scene, the Cheltenham-based Floorboards are already sounding fantastic. The EP’s production feels extremely mature, every element complimenting another. The guitars and drumbeat on both tracks are excellent, One For Sorrow capturing a brooding, pained energy, whilst Low showcases a more grunge-infused sound.

However, what really completes these tracks is the vocals; Jay Mansfield’s performance feels reminiscent of Thursday’s Geoff Rickly, the familiar tones making the songs immediately feel like a classic emo tunes. Mansfield’s raw delivery on Low in particular is fabulous, presenting a pained honesty that is brilliantly juxtaposed by a rhythm that you just want to thrash around to.

In a world where people are trying to dampen our emo dreams, Floorboards are proving that the genre is still alive and thriving in 2019 — We can’t wait for their set on Thursday at 2000trees!

One For Sorrow & Low out now. Listen here.