Fiddlehead, Heart to Heart
Run For Cover Records

Look up ‘supergroup’ in a dictionary, and Fiddlehead is what you’ll find. Its members aren’t too busy defining the sound of emo-hardcore in their respective bands (boasting Have Heart and Basement creds!), no, they’ve also got time to define something entirely new in Fiddlehead. They’ve been churning out their masterful blends of agitated riffs and heart-wrenching melodies since their first release almost six years ago, and they’re seemingly unable to stop. Their second full-length record Between The Richness comes out in May, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s a stunner.

It’s a bold move dropping the album closer as a single – but that’s exactly what Fiddlehead have done with Heart To Heart. There’s no hiding the raw power we can expect from Between The Richness; Heart to Heart has unleashed the emotional climax (or, you could say, the very heart) of the record and confirmed that Fiddlehead have poured more into this record than ever before. Insistent, keening guitars undercut the vocal line, which packs melancholy to rival the likes of Joy Division before swelling to a desolate yell. If this is where we’re finishing off, then the journey to get there is going to be intense.

Between The Richness’s other singles are equally powerful – Million Times heralded the announcement of the album with worthy energy. It’s definitely more on the sunny side than Heart to Heart, but maybe the kind of late-summer, nostalgic, sunset vibe that gets you choked up and you’re not sure why. Fiddlehead’s knack for a chorus and a poignant guitar line is operating at full capacity here. As well as Million Times, 2019 tune Get My Head Right also makes an appearance on the record, bridging the gap between now and Fiddlehead’s huge first album Springtime and Blind, back from 2018. It’s fierce, and it feels fiercely real, building out the intimate interior world that Fiddlehead are set to share on Between The Richness.

Between The Richness is out May 21st.