Fatherson - End Of The World
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Fatherson - End Of The World8

Fatherson, End Of The World
Easy Life Records

2018’s Sum Of All Your Parts was in a league of its own – with its charming, ebb-and-flow sound and complimentary, thematic lyricisms, the album oozed craftsmanship. Ever since we’ve been drowning in the depths of the release, and, three years on, alt-rockers Fatherson have finally released fresh material. End Of The World embodies the dreamy, melodic feel of previous releases, while also hinting at a lighter, brighter sound for the trio.

Fatherson have always strived melodically, able to craft hypnotic, layered soundscapes of floating instrumentals. End Of The World is very much the same; a gorgeous melody draws you into the depths, sinking you into the flow of the track. Ross Leighton’s warm vocals only add to the soundscape, mingling with the dreamy synths and adding to the body of the track.

End Of The World also sparkles with a sense of much-needed optimism, insisting that it’s “not the end of the world”. The optimistic lyrics quickly sink in to your subconscious, tempting you to gently sing along with Leighton by the time the second chorus comes around. This is a track that is sure to welcome some glorious live performances – we can barely suppress the goosebumps that arise imagining the crowd harmonising along with Leighton!

It may have been three years, but it’s been well worth the wait. With a healthy set of shows this October, it seems Fatherson are well-and-truly back – and we can’t wait to see what else these Scots have to offer us!

End Of The World is out now.