Drug Church - Tawny
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Drug Church - Tawny8

Drug Church, Tawny
Pure Noise

Drug Church are back, once again, with a hardcore banger that’s almost illegally good. New track Tawny accompanies news of an EP of the same name, set for release in June, to sate us a little while we wait for album number four. 2018’s Cheer well and truly catapulted Drug Church to being acknowledged as one of the sharpest bands on the scene, as well as proving that all the fun of the music translates to one of the most raucous live shows we’ve ever seen – a tough act to follow. But they look like they’re going to nail it.

A harsh clatter of guitars launch Tawny off into its fizzy shout-along verse, utterly, uncompromisingly enticing: this is a mosh-pit song, through and through, designed to be played as loud as it possibly can. Drug Church blend dark chromatic riffs with pacey hooks that almost verge on poppy in their melody (though not their delivery). Frontman Patrick Kindlon is as vehement in his delivery as he’s ever been, spiralling and growling amongst the luscious musical melée that backs him up.

Tawny follows equally vicious 2020 single Bliss Out, a two-minute whirlwind of the screeching guitar and razor-sharp lyricism that characterises Drug Church. If this is just the next step on the road to another album, then whatever follows Tawny looks set to be mighty.

Tawny is out May 25th.