Dream State - Monsters
8.6Overall Score

Dream State, Monsters

With a war-cry and a crash of instrumentals, post-hardcore trio Dream State are back and here to prove just what they’re made of. New single Monsters is the first release from the group since their fabulous 2019 debut, Primrose Path, and it’s equally as fierce – Reflective, raw and riotously catchy, this is Dream State in their absolute element.

Monsters feels very much like looking into someone’s journal – a journal of sorrow and fear mixed in with an unruly sense of frustration. These contrasting emotions are explored through the track’s use of dynamics; Soft vocals admit ‘I blame myself…’ into an echoing, pop-y soundscape, before the track gradually morphs into an enraged storm of guitars, proclaiming ‘I’m not a victim, I am in control’. The fading between light and heavy enhances the track’s sense of vulnerability – it truly feels ‘exposed but honest’, showcasing sorrow whilst also allowing rage to burst into the scene in the form of fierce guitars and crashing drums.

CJ Gilpin’s vocals are the defining feature of Monsters; From that subtle, self-deprecating chuckle thrown in at the start of the track, to those distinct, raw yells, CJ’s vocal performance is believable from start to finish. Every word that leaves her mouth feels honest – from her brutal calls of ‘you don’t know just what I’m made of!’, to stripped back, poignant stating of ‘I wanna speak my mind’, CJ’s performance adds a layer to the track that is enchanting and deeply affecting.

Monsters is yet more proof that Dream State are masters at what they do. With open lyrics and a delightfully fierce drive, Monsters is a perfect example of what makes Dream State so magnificent. It seems like these guys simply can’t disappoint us!