Dream Nails - Take up Space
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Dream Nails - Take up Space8

Dream Nails, Take up Space

Dream Nails are gleefully occupying our minds and our speakers relentlessly with new track, the aptly-titled Take up Space. They haven’t had an easy task – original vocalist Janey Starling’s feminist journey took her onto new projects, but the band’s first single with new member Leah Kirby proves that they’re going to be making more noise just as delightful as last year’s self-titled debut. They’ve got a bit of a knack for making feminist rage into a breezy, sun-drenched sparkler, and Take up Space is no different.

Kirby’s voice is a seamless fit – they sound like a fizzy, fuzzed-up Lily Allen for the 2021 DIY punk scene, delivering Dream Nails’s trademark bright hooks and buzzing melodies with effortless panache. Take up Space is a call to action for ‘girls, gays, and theys’ to do precisely what the title instructs – Kirby walks us through all the things they (and the rest of the band) would do if they could without fear of violence in the boiling summer heat. The instrumentals are lighthearted as Kirby narrates holding their keys on a late walk home, throwing grim realities into contrast against the dizzy euphoria of the instrumentals. It could be straight off the Angus, Thongs soundtrack if Georgia Nicholson wore big stompy boots, and it’s enchanting.

Take up Space is a lovely listen, which is even more refreshing given the heaviness the lyrics touch on – being pissed off with the injustices of the world doesn’t mean we can’t have a lovely time with sunny, party songs to soundtrack us along! Dream Nails are made for rightful outrage paired with pure happiness, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from them.

Take up Space is out today.