Delilah Bon - I Wish A Bitch Would
7.5Overall Score
Delilah Bon - I Wish A Bitch Would7.5

Delilah Bon, I Wish A Bitch Would

Delilah Bon picks her moments. Her first of 2023 has arrived, and it’s as incendiary and vital as ever – I Wish A Bitch Would is a quintessential Delilah song, perhaps the most so – if last release Dead Men Don’t Rape was her outward-looking fight song towards violence against women, I Wish A Bitch Would is its more introspective, more harrowing, and equally essential sister.

Answering back the violently idyllic war cry of “DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE”, I Wish A Bitch Would touches on similar topics (namely, the epidemic of femicide and violence against women that the system routinely fails to protect us against) but instead of a battle cry, much of I Wish A Bitch Would is just a cry, mourning – “she was eleven years old, only a child, wearing a hoodie and jeans, the cycle repeats.” Frequently piercing, constantly grating with reality and pain, Delilah’s frenzied performance sees her lost in the vortex of the news cycle of more and more and more news about the things that women face at ridiculous frequency, touching on specifics about the police, the justice system, girlhood and freedom.

But if the lyrics are agonised, Delilah backs them up with music that’s suitably battle-ready. Grinding electronics, siren-like background noise, I Wish A Bitch Would delivers its messages fierce and completely alive and kicking. Because Delilah’s mission isn’t to bring awareness to the topics she sings about – her audience is the sort that’s already painfully aware of them. Her mission is to carve out a space for people to fight and cry and find community and liberation amongst each other, so as emotionally heated as it is, I Wish A Bitch Would is still energetic, still an anthem.

And if you want to connect with Delilah more, she’s creating real online spaces for women and queer people to come together as well as musical ones – check her out on Twitter and Instagram for more info.

I Wish A Bitch Would is out now.