Delilah Bon - I Don't Listen To You
7.5Overall Score
Delilah Bon - I Don't Listen To You7.5

Delilah Bon, I Don’t Listen To You
Trash Queen Records

Brat-punk’s self-appointed princess returns with a brand-new fireball of a track – BSP Flavours of 2021 fave Delilah Bon has just released I Don’t Listen To You and the title says it all. Nuance? She doesn’t need it. Noise? She brings it in spades. Delilah’s trademark sound – outspoken feminist half-rap half-hardcore – is kicking as hard as ever.

Delilah captures moments of misogyny that are all too familiar, amping them up with her characteristic combination of fuck-you and fun. The track’s opening sample, a woman being told to change their outfit because it’s “too revealing”, feels painfully predictable – so it’s great that Delilah’s written an mantra-laden anthem just for the occasion.

As always, Delilah sounds fierce, her flow sleek and jagged at the same time… but all wrapped up in that rage-shaped package, there’s a tune that’s just for “girls like us”. Delilah’s writing might be about how women are treated by men, but it’s always for her army of empowered ‘loud girls’ who wanna dance around as much as they wanna feel angry. And that’s what she wants us to do: “shake that booty for nobody but your damn self.” Don’t mind if we do.

Sometimes you just need to shout about things – no frills, just ferocious beats, a.k.a Delilah’s signature. She’s showing no signs of slowing down, and we are obsessed.

I Don’t Listen To You is out now.