Death Blooms - Fuck Everything
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Death Blooms - Fuck Everything8

Death Blooms, Fuck Everything
Adventure Cat Records

Fuck what you think, fuck everything – Death Blooms are here with a searingly acrid anthem of frustration and disillusionment. Fuck Everything is the title track from the metal quartet’s upcoming EP, a thriving beast reportedly entirely fuelled by rage. While we await the EP’s March release, this brutal title track is just enough to tease the taste-buds!

Death Blooms immediately make it clear they’re not playing around; drums build deliciously, before crashing into a blistering pool of nu-metal riffs. The heavy instrumentals are further elevated by the pure ferocity of Paul Barrow’s vocals, his guttural growls heavy with resentment. It’s impossible not to be swept away in the track’s aggression, entirely enraptured in the track’s sound.

The tracks softer vocal moments, however, are equally as tense; instrumentals pulse in the background, ready to pounce again at any moment. These more gentle moments feel reminiscent of KoRn, delightfully enchanting and hypnotically atmospheric. The two soundscapes flow into one another brilliantly, resulting in a dynamic, exhilarating track all-round.

Death Blooms are the real deal; when it comes to heavy-hitting nu-metal, these guys are top-notch. This track chews you up and spits you out, taking no prisoners. We can’t wait to get our grubby hands on the Fuck Everything EP – the 17th March can’t come soon enough.

Fuck Everything out 17th March. Pre-order here.