Dead Romantic - Yesterday
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Dead Romantic - Yesterday8

Yesterday, Dead Romantic
Mercia Records

Like a car-crash cocktail of every good thing going on in rock right now, Dead Romantic storm onto the scene with second single Yesterday. Their debut album Voices is coming out in June, and already, they’ve promised it’s going to be something pretty special.

Yesterday effortlessly blends its heavy elements in with hooks and melodies worthy of any good pop song – reminiscent of That’s The Spirit era Bring Me with the shimmering restraint of the instrumentals, Yesterday’s verses come so close to blazing into the chorus before tantalising us just for a few more bars. When the chorus finally hits, it’s a sweeping, soaring beast well worth the wait; on your marks, get set, scream along.

Dead Romantic are as fresh as they come, and it shows in how sharply current every aspect of their music feels. Yesterday and debut single All Talk are both seamless in their combination of grooves and chunky metal-leaning breakdowns, singalong-able and wall-of-death ready at the same time. Dead Romantic are also remarkably assertive in their sound – it might draw on the boundary-pushing that’s been going on in the rock scene for years now, but Dead Romantic bring an essential kind of vitality to their polished soundscapes. It’s a promising way to stomp out onto the stage, and definitely a guarantee of very exciting things to come.

Voices is out 26th June, and you can listen to Yesterday here.