Dead Romantic - Kissed With A Lie
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Dead Romantic - Kissed With A Lie7

Dead Romantic, Kissed With A Lie

Dead Romantic are pulling out all the emo stops on latest cut Kissed With A Lie – it’s every bit as emotional and angsty as the title would suggest. It comes with the news that the band’s debut album Voices will now be hitting our ears in September rather than later this month, but it’s such a banger we can’t begrudge them it.

Kissed With A Lie is built around that titan of a lyric – all the touchstones of a devastating, rage-fuelled anthem are painfully present. Dead Romantic live up to their name, gems like “just twist the fucking knife, don’t kiss me with a lie” ripe and ready to be screamed out loud. The chorus line absolutely stomps through the tirade of drums, bass, and jackhammer riffs to ring out sharp and dark, leaning heavily on the angry side of emotional. Dan Taylor’s delivery is intense and powerful, truly evoking every word he’s singing – especially at the classic emo high point at the end of the bridge, soaring as he sings “please, just bring the rain”, a little reminiscent of The Used’s I Caught Fire bridge – impeccable taste.

Dead Romantic are adept at combining their knack for poppy infectiousness with teeth-grinding instrumentals – we know this from the euphoric magnitude of Yesterday. They continue down the noisier path on Kissed With A Lie, and it’s just as infectious, but now with added bite. Expectations for Voices are high, and if it’s packed with the same amount of emotion and variety as what we’ve heard so far, those expectations will be well met.

Voices is out 3rd September.