Crown The King - Fence
8.5Overall Score
Crown The King - Fence8.5

Crown The King, Fence

Crown The King are undoubtedly one of the most exciting pop-punk bands brewing right now. These Irish lads pair nostalgia with fresh, infectious hooks and the combination is to die for. Though the quintet only have a few tracks out, every single one is a hit – and newest single Fence is no different. The track may be a non-acoustic version of a previous release, but the contrasting energies captured on both tracks highlight just versatile Crown The King are. These guys are the real deal!

Fence is simply delicious. With bright guitars and a driving drumbeat, Crown The King capture that classic, timeless pop-punk feel. The contrast between this version and the original acoustic is astonishing; while the acoustic version is slow and reflective, this track is full of life, guaranteed to have you whirling round your room singing along. Both tracks are absolutely brilliant in their own right, and it’s amazing how well the band have achieved two distinct soundscapes for the tracks.

In terms of vocals, Daniel Gannon is quite the powerhouse. Gannon is able to deliver that vulnerable, acoustic performance, but on this version we get full-bodied, almost growling vocals. The glorious Lizzy Farrall’s feature only heightens the track’s punch, as her lighter, softer voice compliments Gannon’s darker tones brilliantly.

Crown The King are one of our ones to watch this year – and this is exactly why. This is a track that any pop-punk lover will be all over, no exceptions. Now stop reading this review and get this track playing!!

Fence is out now.