Crossfaith - Species
8.8Overall Score

Crossfaith, Species

Osaka’s own Crossfaith are back with new EP Species, and, oh boy, is it something. If you’re struggling to feel energised in your isolated bubble, then Species is the medicine you need. From start to finish, Crossfaith have delivered a stellar EP that is sure to have you grabbing your parent/sibling/cat off the sofa and forcing them to engage in a circle pit with you. It’s fierce, it’s energised and it sounds absolutely brilliant. We knew our favourite heavy metal electronicore boys wouldn’t let us down.

Opening track Digital Parasite still packs just as much of a punch as when it was first released as a single; the tension builds as Kenta Koie repeats ‘Species… Species…’ before you’re thrown into a growling whirlwind of violent drums and dark energy. It’s a brilliant opening track, an irresistible, hectic collision of noise that highlights exactly what Crossfaith do so well – churn out absolutely fierce bangers.

Endorphin follows, and it feels like a club trace track met up with with heavy metal and had a baby. It’s a glowing example of Crossfaith’s electronicore tendencies, as well as having a brilliant singalong chorus of ‘TELL ME WHERE TO GO!!!’ that is sure to be brilliantly fun at live shows. Truth of Insanity’s chorus is also sure to be a live favourite, with it’s light, hopeful singalong chorus of ‘just follow me, just follow me’ contrasting with it’s angry, heavy verses that just so happen to have PERFECT circle pit tempos.

A true stand-out of the Species EP is None of Your Business – the j-rap influenced song is a bitter encapsulation of anger, and it’s delivered with absolute class. Featured rapper Jin Dogg’s flow is gorgeous, and his gritty delivery oozes swagger and fits the track brilliantly. The inclusion of a Japanese feature rapping almost entirely in Japanese is also great, as it’s showing how language shouldn’t be a barrier in music. When Koie and Jin Dogg are screaming ‘NOT YOUR BUSINESS!’ back and forth, you can’t deny the chills.

Closing track Your Song delivers the heavy metal version of an emotional ballad. Exploring the sadness linked to times long gone, this track channels this sorrow with booming drums and raw screeching up into the heavens…. as well as vigorous growling, of course. It’s a poignant note to end on, melding together that classic heavy metal side of Crossfaith with a softer, more reflective, gentle side.

Crossfaith are forging their own musical path, and Species is proof of that. It’s an EP that doesn’t falter for a second and will have you gagging to be at a live show again. Our only complaint is that we wish there was more – but we’re pretty content having this on loop for a few days…

Pre-order Species here. Out tomorrow.