Creeper - Cyanide
9.2Overall Score

Creeper, Cyanide
Roadrunner Records

Sex, Death, and the Infinite Void. Annabelle and Born Cold have given us a delicious taste of the aforementioned themes, but Creeper have left us thirsting after more – and what could sate our appetites better than the very epitome of the album’s title, latest track Cyanide.

It’s beyond suave, brooding and swaying through the classic, the theatrical, the energetic, the dramatic operatic – Cyanide is by far Creeper’s most daring, diverting track, and it’s a thrilling hint that hopefully more is to come. The dignified pace straight away sets it apart from other Creeper bangers – gone are the rapid drums of Poison Pens or The Honeymoon Suite, but it just means that we get more time to scrutinise every aspect of the track and truly get sucked in. The melancholy piano grooves underneath everything, at time being absorbed by crooning guitar solos and choral backing vocals, but at other times taking centre stage to absorb the rest of the track.

Will Gould’s vocals and lyrics have always been a highlight, but on Cyanide, as is the precedent set by Born Cold and Annabelle, SD&TIV is set to reach new heights – whilst also staying lower to the ground than ever before (figuratively and literally!). From metaphors galore, beyond earthly realms, pacing the “halls of hell”, to dragging us back to our world “with grass stains on our jeans”, Gould wildly oscillates between his concept and our reality. We can barely keep up, but the ride is entrancing – this is Creeper’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Cyanide’s video, dropped today, captures the song in all its glory – as well as cementing the fact that no one can match Will Gould as a frontman. Creeper have always been powerful live – whirling around the stage, tossing long hair all over the place – but as they seem more controlled, they’re definitely just as compelling if not more, and we can’t stop watching.

Sex, Death, and The Infinite Void is out 22nd May via Roadrunner Records.