Creeper - Be My End
9.2Overall Score

Creeper, Be My End
Roadrunner Records

With every single released, we start to understand just why Creeper called their upcoming album Sex, Death and the Infinite Void. Well… specifically the Sex part. We’ve had the undressing of Annabelle, the modern love of Cyanide, and now we’re in for our next love-infused anthem. Be My End is a love song drenched in black, the kind vampires would pick out for their newly-wedded first dance. Creeper have taken sex and spiced it up the extra pinch, creating a sound that all emos are guaranteed to love.

Be My End is classic Creeper – we’ve got Will Gould’s unique vocals, driving drums, and an anthemic, sing-along chorus. We cannot wait to be back in a packed out venue, because screaming ‘BAAAAABYYYYYY, YOU COULD BEEEE MY END…’ is going to be quite iconic. The track sparkles, yet there is an undertone of sombreness; Gould’s performance is unashamedly hopeful, while brooding instrumentals give it that twinge of Creeper’s classic emo sound.

The single also embraces a few of Creeper’s other musical influences. There’s an overall sense of glam-rock to the track, and the bridge in particular feels incredibly glam-rock-esque. As Gould croons ‘descend on me like an angel..’, with a ghostly choir echo in the background, there is a heavy Bowie feeling… if Bowie wore all black and likened himself to the undead on a regular basis, anyway.

Creeper’s new album just keeps getting better! While the sound is comfortingly familiar, tracks like Be My End just prove how much the band have fine-tuned their sound, and we’re loving it! We cannot wait to plunge ourselves into the Infinite Void come the 31st July!

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