Cassyette's Sad Girl Summer
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Cassyette - Sad Girl Summer8

Cassyette, Sad Girl Summer
Devil Land

Cassyette is preparing us all for our Sad Girl Summer with the delivery of three sweet new tunes to soundtrack the season. The eponymous anthem comes alongside Dead Roses and an acoustic version of earlier this year’s Mayhem, a triple threat of every aspect of Cassyette’s charm. Fresh off the back of a support for the mighty, one and only My Chemical Romance, Cassyette seems to be gearing up to build her own cult following, calling out to the sad girls like an emo Pied Piper and inviting them to join the party.

Sad Girl Summer itself is the quintessential bad-bitch pop rock banger – stomping, moody bass through the choruses, then an explosive chorus just begging for a singalong. Sad Girl Summer owns its sadness and then smashes it to pieces, with nostalgic lyrics that do exactly what they need to, cathartically running through a damning list of shitty things the person it’s about has done before soaring into the chorus, Cassyette belting “you keep making me mad” in her trademark gravelly tones.

On Dead Roses, Cassyette swings down the other end of her musical spectrum for a deliciously dark cut. Reminiscent of Behind Closed Doors, her collab with Kid Brunswick, Dead Roses lets Cassyette show off just how well she does a mega build, as she tears through simmering verses into the fiery kick of the chorus. But as with Sad Girl Summer, Cassyette uses a familiar set of emo calling cards in her lyricism, injecting Dead Roses with that classic sense of nostalgia.

Sad Girl Summer is out now.