Cable Ties are giving us Hope
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Cable Ties, Hope
Merge Records

Cable Ties! A band we’re super excited about at Bittersweet Press right now. They were featured in our SXSW lamentations, and even from the UK we’re feeling the pain of everyone in Austin, TX, because they’re missing out on what was guaranteed to be a stellar US debut show.

But it’s alright! As of right now, we still get to see the Melbourne trio on our soils, and their latest release Hope has us crossing our fingers as hard as we can that this still goes ahead. It opens with a haunting, compelling intro section, Jenny McKechnie’s voice held back over a simple guitar line, a mere hint at the power that’s about to ensue. Two minutes in, it’s like a new song begins – hazy, pacey guitar riffs pulse over a jumpy bass, and McKechnie steps out of the ghostly aura of the intro and springs to life, exerting the force akin to the vigour of 90s punk, keening and spiralling through the track. The song certainly evokes its name, propelling you through it with boundless passion.

Ahead of tour and the release of their sophomore album Far Enough is the manic Self-Made Man, a glorious explosion of noise and power to rival the likes of The Runaways, and the growling, brilliantly intense Sandcastles. Cable Ties are set to erupt across the UK with the same fiery outburst as their music, so make sure you’re there to witness it.

Far Enough is out March 27th via Merge Records.
Tickets for tour are available here.