Bronnie - R U the Same
6.6Overall Score

Bronnie, R U the Same
D-X Records

Pop-punk unit Bronnie are stepping beyond the confines of pop-punk; New single R U the Same shows a darker side to the quartet, with a more daring sound than any of their previous work. While the track doesn’t pack as much as a punch as one might hope, it’s a surefire sign of greater things to come.

R U the Same feels somewhat self-aware of its sound straying from the typical Bronnie style – Bronnie immediately seems to address any wary listeners, ‘you don’t like my music?… it won’t cause me any pain’. And, while Bronnie’s signature sound sticks quite religiously to pop-punk, this single definitely plays around with other genres. We’re not mad about it though, especially since there’s clearly an almost alt-metal inspiration within the sound. The instruments absolutely prowl throughout the track, and are generally pretty great!

One thing that limits the track, however, is its bridge…. it’s BRILLIANT. Bronnie’s voice is full of emotion as she yells ‘I got inside your mind and I didn’t even try’, and the guitars and drums amplify the raw energy of the sound. Now – how does this limit the track, you might be wondering? Well, unfortunately, it makes every re-listen fall flat, as you’re just WAITING for the bridge to hit again. Hearing the power behind Bronnie’s vocals for this segment also has you yearning for the rest of the track to feel as earnest and unrestrained.

Overall, R U the Same is the sound of a band forging their own sound, pushing their own boundaries. It feels like a definite milestone in the group’s journey, and we’re hoping that Bronnie choose to further explore some of these darker elements into their future work!

Stream Are U the Same here.