Bronnie - Over You
7.8Overall Score

Bronnie, Over You
D-X Records

UK-based quartet Bronnie are here to crush any second-thoughts over your break-up; latest single Over You spits directly in the face of heartbreak, firmly reminding us that we are OVER it. The female-fronted outfit are a welcome burst of colour on the pop-punk scene right now, the perfect combination of fun and fierce.

Over You sucks you in; as Bronnie tell us ‘it’s been quite a while’ she is supported by a steady drum-beat, drawing you into the song’s narrative. It feels like a lesson in confidence, taking listeners on a journey to finally cutting that One Person out for good. Bronnie’s vocals are thick with emotion and incredibly expressive, truly urging you to listen and heed the song’s message.

The vocals in particular really make Over You ooze pop-punk energy. Bronnie’s voice makes the track feels similar to early Against the Current, but kicked up a notch and more fierce. The group cite WSTR and Neck Deep amongst their influences, and you can tell; Bronnie’s voice, paired with the guitars and drumming, holds a gritty, raw energy that you can only find in UK pop-punk.

Bronnie are exactly what you would expect to hear from a pop-punk group. If you’re looking for some nostalgic pop-punk with a confident, charismatic front-woman, then give Bronnie a listen – and, hey, why not check out the band’s podcast Mom It’s My Life while you’re at it to chase off those quarantine blues!

Stream Over You on Spotify here. Check out their podcast here.