Bring Me The Horizon ft. Yungblud - Obey
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Bring Me The Horizon ft. Yungblud, Obey
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We hope you had a lovely day! But, if you didn’t, don’t worry – we’re sure Bring Me The Horizon’s latest single will fix you right up! This chaotic burst of sound is just what the doctor ordered; With a heavier sound than 2019’s amo, paired with the high-energy of Doncaster’s own Yungblud, Obey goes unexpectedly hard… and we are DEFINITELY not complaining about it.

While we love the more sonically diverse, tech-y side of Bring Me, there’s nothing like hearing that unashamedly heavy, fierce side of them. We thought we’d been blessed with the dark June release of Parasite Eve, but this single goes above and beyond – there’s a real That’s The Spirit feel to the track.

With a barrelling tempo and the rare appearance of Oli Sykes’ treasured growls, Obey is an undeniable recipe for success. As soon as Sykes’ layered yells call out ‘I THINK I’M LOSING MY FUCKING MIND’, you can imagine the chaos it will generate live. The choruses are, in comparison, the softest moments of the track, but still absolutely anthemic – those calls of ‘OBEY!!!!’ are impossible not to yell along with.

But, we know what you’re thinking – Yungblud? The Tin Pan Boy? He’s definitely been popping his fingers in a few pies lately, considering his rap-centric Denzel Curry collaboration and Brit-pop venture on Strawberry Lipstick – surely he hasn’t gotten away with this one, too? OH… BUT HE HAS! Dom’s energy was MADE for a track like this – as soon as his thick Doncaster twang calls out ‘DO YOU FEEL THAT?’, it’s clear that this collaboration was meant to be. His verse goes even harder than Sykes’, a hectic wall of brilliant, raw sound. The track only descends into heavier realms here-on-out, gifting listeners with some juicy growls, beastly drums and feral guitars.

Obey is a joy of an alt-metal track – it’s heavy, whilst still brilliantly melodic and gloriously catchy. Sykes mentioned that having Yungblud on board initially made him feel like the sound might veer towards a more poppy sound, and we’re so glad that this was the result; This is a tune that fans new and old will more-than-happily mosh their heart out to.

Stream Obey here.